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1st Official Report : Sanctus

//1st Official Report : Sanctus

1st Official Report : Sanctus

Greetings, Ladies and Gents.

I’d like to start by informing you that there will be a number of administrative changes that will be applied later on down the line that will affect the overall management of the server.

There will be four primary roles with no official title, they will all be officially titled as Admins. Furthermore, one new staff role added to the hierarchy. I’ve attached the link to the new management system below.  In addition to this, there will be three new roles that will gain a title along with staff rank. Link to the Management Document

No actual development has commenced, however, we’ve been applying the time on recording any and all tasks pertaining to VoyagePvP on a Trello board which, until the Discord Bot has been written, will serve as the live changelog and roadmap to VoyagePvP, a link I will paste below.

We have planned many a custom feature to be written and installed before the launch of the server. These functions will be planned out and described to the fullest, then publish publicly for you, the community, to return concerns and suggestions to us on those projects. Link to the Trello

In the question of the launch date, we don’t have one.  This is due to the amount of work that must be applied to increasing both the quality and ease of maintenance of the back end. We do not expect to be released in the next two months, at the very least.  Obviously, this will pose a mild concern, I very well expect you to of thought that the server would be sprung up in the next few weeks. However, the server isn’t at the standard in which I would be happy to release it.

We’ve decided to change the spawn, we’ve commissioned a builder already and the build has been under progress with massive bouts of progress made by the commissioned builder. Images will be provided below.


Regarding the spawn, we’ve selected a Viking themed build- which will fit in perfectly with the new theme of VoyagePvP- with a wall that will encompass two free for all areas, six duel arenas (with space to add more), an area to use crate keys, two mob arenas, four boss arenas, and one- or two- general PvP areas. In addition to this, there may be a few secret areas in the spawn for special events (something that will joyfully discuss later down the line).

The last thing to report upon is the staff applications. I simply haven’t put my mind to the subject yet. But what I can state is that an official announcement will be posted later on in the coming months outlining the procedure of becoming a staff, as well as how to anonymously report a staff member for abuse or undignified behaviour.

Not much has been reported, I know, but I can promise that the next report will be saturated with information because I have commenced development today (25th May 2018). Constant updates on the spawn, and new administrative guidelines, and the like, will be posted when finalised at the earliest convenience we find to you, the community.



TheMasteredPanda (Duke)

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