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2nd Official Report

//2nd Official Report

2nd Official Report

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. I do hope you are all delightfully well today.

Obviously, some concerns have stirred due to the consequence of not composing a report for the last two weeks is understandable. A belief that we, the Owners, have given up on the server is justifiable. However, I can wholly assure you this is not the case. As some of you may have read, Sean and h0lybyte are too busy to fulfil all their responsibilities for VoyagePvP (h0lybyte doesn’t actually have much footing in VoyagePvP due to the other projects he is actively leading). Not to invoke a passive-aggressive interpretation upon the subject, I merely want to state I am solely accountable for the full development of VoyagePvP.

This means, as droll as it may be, that I am the only one working on the development of the server, the only one progressing the development of the server, and, obviously, the only one, at this current time, seeing the development of the server stays at a consistent and productive rate. So, while I have been undergoing some brutal exams, as I assume many of you have been undergoing yourselves, the development of the server had been put on the backburner until I have finished such exams. Now that I have finished, and I now resume the development of VoyagePvP.

While I have been back on the development of VoyagePvP I have written the API that will be used in custom plugins necessary for the localisation and overall abstract customisation provided in this API. I have also written quite a few features for the core plugins (5 features out of 21, as of today) that I had only started writing on Wednesday of this week.
The VoyageCore plan, along with full descriptions on all of the features within the core plugin will be accessible tomorrow morning (GMT, I would submit it today, but the necessary information I have neglected to add to the document.). Any criticisms, and ideas, formulated from yourselves would be greatly appreciated as I do not see how I would be able to create a great factions server without the input of the very community that would play on it.

Not much information to go on, unfortunately. I had honestly hoped for more. However, I am able to promise a selection of pictures of the progressed spawn in the early days of next week, as well as a more fruitful report upon the development of the server next week on Thursday, the day that the Official Report for next week will be posted.

Duke (TheMasteredPanda).


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