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3rd Official Report

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3rd Official Report

Greetings all. I do hope you’re all doing fine. This week I have managed to kick-start the development of VoyagePvP with a somewhat moderate amount of work to show.


First off, I would like to publish some pictures of the terraforming the commissioned Architect is doing. I would also like to outline details of the spawn that I consider to be of value to share.

The theme of the build is something I, in fact, hinted in the first report. We will be going for a somewhat overdeveloped Kingdom in the Renaissance Age. As is planned, the city will consist of three primary areas.

The first area would accommodate what would be the low wealth citizens. Around that area I am planning to have player ran black markets, as well as ‘illegally’ ran monster and duelling arenas. One free for all arena in a run down quarry situated under the city, and one general PvP area.

The second area would accommodate what would be the medium wealth citizens. This area too would also have a few duelling arenas and monster fighting arenas. However, it would challenge players to deal with strong enemies than the last planned monster fighting arena I had mentioned. In addition to those areas, they will be gambling arenas with games that will be outlined once I have gotten nearer the deadline to start that feature in this servers development roadmap.

The third, and final, area within the city would house those high wealth citizens. These will have a monster arena sporting more powerful monsters as well as a free for all arena only accessible through a secret passage leading out of the city and into the ruins of an underground kingdom. In addition to that, there will be high stake horse racing, support for betting on that game will be available too.


For my second subject, the overall backend development of VoyagePvP. I can now state that the API has been fully tested. Five modules have been composed, and those five modules helped test most of the functions of the API (leaving me with a fairly easy task of testing the rest!). A picture showing proving the API is in that a thing will be available somewhere around this paragraph.

As I have stated, some modules have already been made. Though fairly small (except one), they are quite functional. The first one CustomPrefix module that allows for players to set their own custom prefix. The second one displays information about a player when you hover over their name, the next a small chat reaction game (complete with leaderboards and, to be, support for viewing the leaderboards in the guild), a small JSON based announcement module, and the last one being the custom economy module that will support bank accounts that are accessible to more than one individual, an automatic ledger of the transactions concerning that bank account (Something that will be useful in action rather than in paper), and the function to allow money received by a player with access to that account to be directly funneled into that account.


I hope, if nothing else, that this progress is welcomed. As I have stated directly if you have any ideas do post them in the chat. Constructive criticism is something I consider to be of great use when forming a server the community will be playing on.



Duke (Lewis) Jake Morgan

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