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4th Official Report : Community

//4th Official Report : Community

4th Official Report : Community


Hello! It’s been some time since you’ve read one of these and I’ve composed one of these. So allow me to run down the updates that have been happening in the absence of a weekly report.

New Community Manager

Before we wade through the stuff regarding the development of VoyagePvP, let me first introduce a new Manager, thebaum64.

Thebaum64 (or Baum, for short) will be managing the communal branch of VoyagePvP. This includes a number of functions. First and foremost this means that the junior roles, such as Helper and Moderator, will be managed by Baum. Baum will also be responsible for the organisation and overall maintenance of the community in VoyagePvP. Any events that are not of a daily or automatically accessible (you’re able to get to them yourself) variety will also be handled by Baum, or an appointed event host (appointed by Baum to host the event for the duration of the event).

Outside of Minecraft (the game), Baum is a Community Moderator at the famed website Minecraft Market. After not only learning of his many social connections to content creators but his ever growing experience in community management, I couldn’t say no!

Ensure you give Baum a friendly welcome and, perhaps, a thank you every now and again when VoyagePvP has launched.

Development Progress

Right, down to the good stuff. I have been working on two projects that will make up half of VoyagePvPs proprietary backend. First off, I’ll explain the Discord side of VoyagePvPs backend, then go onto VoyagePvPs Minecraft backend. I will then end this segment with three points that need addressing.

  1. Thegn Bot

Thegn Bot (pronounced Th-ane Bot) is going to be VoyagePvPs custom Discord Bot. This will feature many functions that were previously available in VoyagePvP before it came under new ownership, like the suggestions function, polls, music service, the giveaway function, &c. However, it will include a bunch of new- unique- functions will bring more continuity to the Guild.

Right now, the bot has several new functions that I will be briefly going over (we will be investing in a Wikipedia type website to properly outline all the details of services within VoyagePvP, as well as much more).

The two (or three) more notable services I will be listed first.

  1. The Faction Category and Channel Communication Service
    The most notable functions out of them all are the Faction Category and Channel Communication Service. This service allows factions to have their own private category in the guild. The faction owner will then be allowed to create a small number of channels, as well as some voice channels, and use that as their communication service out of Minecraft.

The concept behind this is to centralise the communication to one place. This would keep all the communication regarding VoyagePvP in one guild. Not only would this allow me to share information about VoyagePvP easier than expected, due to the increased usage of the guild, this would allow me to create the next notable feature, giving each category the ability to have a shard of the bot to provide features.

  1. Faction Category Thegn Bot
    It is rather difficult to explain. However, think of it like the faction having their own piece of the bot to serve them. In this case, I’ll refer to this ‘piece’ as a shard. This shard can be different from the default shared serving the publically accessible channels of the guild as well as other private faction categories.

This particular feature would allow me to provide the faction owner with the ability to pick and choose what features he would like the factions shared of the bot to provide to the members of the Faction who have access to that category. From their very own music feature, google feature, to giving an update on a twitter account or youtube account feature.

  1. Discord <-> Server

This feature does fit nicely within the scope of what I would call the ‘set of features a user would expect from a server in 2018.’. This will allow any player to communicate with someone in the Discord Guild, including faction categories. This is also a visa versa.

The other less notable features are things like a Minecraft Network Player Counter, a Mojang Service Downtime Checker, Chat Filter, Moderation commands, &c. All of the features for Thegn Bot can be found at our Trello changelog ( ).

  1. Voyage Core
    VoyageCore is a plugin that will contain 23 features, both big and small. This plugin is meant to contain features that are tweaked for the benefit of providing a slightly unique experience on VoyagePvP, recreated to clean up the backend, or created for the usage of a fully proprietary experience. The following are some notable features I think you, as the user who will hopefully use this service, will enjoy.
  1. Tweaked Economy Feature
    Amongst the normal set of functions you get with an economy plugin, you will have the benefit of being able to share a bank with as many as 10 players! This allows you to share any soft currency in the game with a player without having to transfer their money to your account, or your money to their account. This feature comes with a ledger system (There is also a ledger system for your personal account, too) and a user history system, so you may see who took money out when, who joined or left, who was demoted (there are two ranks in this banks feature) and promoted, who gave money to the bank, &c. (A picture of the ledger system is shown below).
  2. Skin Database
  3. This is quite simple, but when Mojangs skin servers are down we will bypass it any patch the player up with their own skin if they join when Mojangs skin servers are down.
  4. Mentions
    This will allow you to get the attention of anybody on the server (Or the Discord Guild, thanks to Discord <-> Server).
  5. A unique method of claiming land
    Pft, you think I’ll be releasing that sort of information? We’ll be releasing information on the new method of claiming land to build factions later on next month when we will have our first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) To test for production.
  1. Project Updates Channel
    I’ll be creating a channel and linking up a system that will allow the community to see that I’m not sitting on my ass. This will allow you to see new changes I make to the project. You may also check out Trello changelog to see if anything has changed (I try to update it regularly). 
  2. Why is the development of VoyagePvP taking so long?
    I don’t want to be viewed as the person who is saying this off of my soapbox, but I am playing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony on my own- so to speak. As the entire development team consists of me, from Web Development to Java Development, for VoyagePvP, I have to divide my time up on various projects for VoyagePvP in the most effective manner. This means the release date for the release of VoyagePvP will be a little longer than it would be if VoyagePvP was being developed by a team of developers (I say a little longer with absolute certainty, as I write fast and think faster).

I will keep you, the community, well informed of what is going on, hence the last pointer, but I cannot ensure the speediest of resets.

  1. Will VoyagePvP have a website?
    Yes, of course. It may not be ready for the release, but we will have a website. We are currently looking into purchasing a XenForo Licence and hiring a professional to customize the XenForo website to suit the needs of VoyagePvP. Once we have come to a mature decision, we will notify you as soon as possible. 

Spawn Progress

We are currently getting the spawn changed to be smaller in size, but just as functional as beautiful as the last one. The spawn will look very similar to the picture posted below:

When we have some pictures of the new spawn, we will be posting them in the announcement channel.

If you have any questions regarding anything outlined in this report, ping me a message and we’ll talk about it. If you’ve got any suggestions to, do ping me a message and we’ll talk about it.

Thanks for reading,


Disclaimer: Forgive and punctual or grammatical errors, I’ve awfully tired. 🙂

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